Frequently Asked Questions

Every roofing and solar project is different and requires an individual assessment. If your questions are not answered here, contact us today


Usually tile can be re-installed using new underlayment.
All of our Tile and Composition roofs are Class A Fire Rated.
We install granulated modified bitumen touchdown roofing on all flat and low sloped roofs.
It is typical for homeowners to be present when we are re-roofing their home.
We use a combination plastic sheeting and tarps to protect garage contents and exterior landscaping.
When feasible all patio furniture, BBQ’s and any potted plants will be removed from the work area.


Our primary solar panel supplier is Solar World, which are manufactured in the United States. We do offer LG and other name brand panels that are not manufactured in America.
We offer an outstanding warranty package.
Installation and craftsmanship: 10-year warranty.
Solar panels: 25-year manufacturer warranty.
Inverters: 20-25 year warranty.
Yes, we recommend it. It reduces labor costs, provides superior structural integrity, and ensures your roof warranty.
We can handle all permitting and installation as quickly as 1 week.
Our proposals have detailed breakdowns giving you the best rate of return on your investment.