Shelter Roofing and Solar uses the latest in solar power technology to help you save on energy costs. Both residential or commercial

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The Shelter Solar Way

We know roofs! Solar Panels go on your roof. Doesn’t it make sense to have the same company handle the solar installation along with all the roofing aspects that go with it? We offer complete sales and installation of photovoltaic solar systems. These power producing panels are closely integrated with the roofing process. Our expert team of installers and electricians insure a smooth- water tight system that will provide power for your home for many years to come.


Our solar specialist will sit down with you, review your current power bills, and show you how much you can save with solar power.


We use a combination of physical measurements and satellite imagery to determine the most efficient location and number of solar panels needed.


Because of our thorough consultation and meticulous measurements, we are able to keep solar installation time to a minimum. Maximizing your savings.

We handle everything associated with the process from start to finish. Including all roofing modifications, engineering reports, permitting, electrical and final permission to operate. By doing this we cut our costs dramatically eliminating sub-contractors and passing the savings onto you!
  • Our solar division works hand in hand with our roofing division to insure a smooth construction sequence and watertight application.
  • All roofing penetration is guaranteed for 10 years.
  • Being a preferred roofing contractor, all roofing manufacturer material warranties remain in tacked.
Our motto is simple
Low Overhead = Low Cost