What Will I Pay for a Solar Roof in Simi Valley

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Are you in the market for a new solar roof for your home in Simi Valley? In recent years, solar roof installations have grown in popularity among Simi Valley residents as a renewable energy roofing option that will help reduce monthly energy bills and promote savings.

At Shelter Roofing and Solar, we are proud to provide a variety of solar roof replacement and repair solutions that will boost your property’s value and functionality. So, what is the typical solar roof cost in Simi Valley and what kinds of services do we offer for solar roofing?

What Will a Solar Roof Cost in Simi Valley?

In Simi Valley, we provide solar panels, solar shingles and tiles, CertainTeed Solstice Shingles, and Tesla solar roofing. All of these solar options are unique and have their own set of benefits for your beautiful home. The cost of your solar roof installation will vary depending on the type of solar roofing that you choose, the size and location of your home, and various labor and installation costs. 

In general, you can expect to pay between  $10,000 to $34,500 for a new solar roof replacement in Simi Valley. Per watt, homeowners often pay roughly $3.70. 

solar roof cost, solar roof installation, new solar roof

The Types of Solar Roofing That We Install 

Solar Panels

We install solar panels that will capture the sun’s hot rays and convert them into electricity for your residence. These panels will help reduce your home’s carbon footprint and help you save on monthly electric bills. We can install REC solar panels, Silfab solar panels, and Qcell solar panels.

Solar Shingles & Tiles

Or, you can opt for a solar shingle and tile installation. These are a great alternative to traditional solar panels and are designed with an equal emphasis on appearance and energy efficiency.

CertainTeed Solstice Shingles

Elevate your roof to an energy-efficient marvel with CertainTeed Solstice Shingles. These high-performance solar shingles seamlessly integrate into your existing roof, capturing sunlight to generate clean, renewable energy. Embrace sustainability without compromising the sleek appearance of your home.

Tesla Solar Roof 

Redesigning solar energy with elegance and durability, the Tesla Solar Roof merges solar technology with stunning aesthetics. Crafted from both glass solar tiles to produce energy and architectural-grade steel tiles to enhance longevity, this innovative roofing solution transforms your home into a self-sustaining powerhouse. Experience energy efficiency without sacrificing style with a Tesla Solar Roof system.

Other Solar Roofing Services We Provide 

  • Residential Solar Panels: installation, detachment, and resetting 
  • Commercial Solar Panels
  • Rooftop Solar Panel Installation
  • Ground Mount Solar Panel Installation
  • Solar Panel Detach & Reset 
solar roof cost, solar roof installation, new solar roof

Benefits of Solar Roofing for Your Home

Boost Your Energy Efficiency: A new solar roof will generate enough electricity to power your home and will reduce your dependence on any traditional energy sources, 

Elevate Your Home’s Worth: A new solar roof will boost your home’s worth and market value.

Save Money: Over time, your new solar roof will help you save a lot of money on monthly electric bills and it will potentially be even more money in savings than you spent on the solar roof installation. 

Shelter Roofing and Solar: Your Go-To Solar Roofing Experts

At Shelter Roofing and Solar, we are a reliable roofing contractor in Simi Valley, family-owned and operated roofing business that has been providing roofing excellence since 1978. With over four decades of roofing experience, our skilled roofing team is well-equipped to help you find the best solar roofing solutions for your unique home in Simi Valley. From installing new solar panels to detaching and resetting your existing solar panels, you can rest assured that your home is in the best hands!

Call us today to learn more about our solar panel services and begin your journey to a more sustainable future!!