Fire Safety is Important During Roof Installation

Fire safety importance during roof installation

Roof installation or roof repair is incomplete without the right safety measures in place. More importantly, fire safety is an essential aspect of professional roofing.

Hence, when hiring a roofer, observe the steps they take to prevent fire. Read further to find out what roofing experts at Shelter Roofing have to say about fire safety.

Fire Safety and Roofing

One of the most important roofing safety tips is to choose a fire resistant roof.

In California, for instance, wildfires are common. Due to the regular occurrence of such mishaps, it’s safer to consider fire safety when building your home or protecting your building.

Now, even though preventing your home from being damaged by a firestorm includes many things, paying attention to your roof is indubitable.

Some of the best roofing materials for protecting your roof from fire include:

  • Clay tile
  • Composition Shingle
  • Concrete tile
  • Metal roof
  • Slate roof

At Shelter Roofing, we utilize composition shingle clay tile, and concrete tile roofing materials. Not only are these roofing materials fire-resistant, but they are also durable and long-lasting.

By installing tile roofs on your home, you can prevent firestorms from ruining your home or property.

Fire Safety Standards and Ratings

In selecting a roofing material which is resistant to fire, you need to know the approved roofing rating.

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. is the organization that determines the best fire resistance standards. Below are the significant ratings:

  • Class “A” – This rating implies that the roof can resist the worst external sources of fire
  • Class “B” – This class indicates that the roofing material can resist moderate external sources of fire
  • Class “C” – This resistance rating is used for roofing materials which can only resist light external sources of fire.

Shelter Roofing provides only Class A roofs because offering the highest level of security against residential roof fires is our priority.

We work in accordance with the strict roofing requirements in California which recognizes the frequency of residential fires. In fact, only Class A roofing materials are approved for installation.

Why Shelter Roofing?

At Shelter Roofing, our team of roofers undergoes roofing safety training including fire safety.

By educating them on the ideal roofing operations, we ensure that they know the right choice of roofing materials to provide for clients in South California.

Do you need a roofer that’ll provide you with only Class A fire-rated roofing materials? Get in touch with us at Shelter Roofing. We have got you covered.