Roof Repair Should Be Your Top Home Improvement Priority for These 5 Reasons

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We understand that roof repair can be a hassle. It’s one of those home improvement projects that you can’t fix yourself: you have to arrange for a local roofing professional to come out, and you have to spend money on the repair that you don’t really want to spend. While your roof may be your last home improvement priority, it’s important to remember that it’s your first line of defense against the elements. It is responsible for keeping your home and family safe and dry. Because your roof is such an important feature of your home, it’s worth considering moving it up the priority list.

If you’ve been putting off roof repairs or have completely forgotten about roof maintenance, here are five reasons why you should rethink your home improvement priorities:


Investing in your roof will be well worth it if you plan on selling your house within the next few years. Your roof’s condition will be one of the first things a prospective buyer inquires about, and it’s one of those unavoidable facts about your property about which you can’t truly lie. Prospective buyers will be able to see if you’ve neglected your roof simply by driving up if you’ve kept it up or if something has been left in disrepair for an excessive amount of time. You may even be able to charge more for your home if you have a low-maintenance roof.


You may not be planning to sell your home soon, but the sooner you get repairs done, the less you will have to spend in the long term. If you lose a shingle, it can easily turn into a leak, and if you don’t fix a leak, it can cause major water damage. Call a local roofer as soon as you notice an issue. Professionals can address small concerns for less money.


Similarly to saving money, be aware that your insurance adjuster will be able to tell if you waited too long to call a roofing repair professional. If you request a service as soon as you notice damage, depending on the type of damage, your insurance will most likely cover the majority of your claim. However, if you wait too long to have an issue fixed, you will most likely only be compensated for the cost of a basic repair job before the roof damage worsened due to neglect. That means you’ll have to pay more out of pocket for that roof repair, even if it was previously covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy.


If your roof has any damage that allows water and humidity to seep into your home, mold can grow in unseen places like exterior walls and ceilings. Mold in the home significantly reduces air quality. It’s not surprising that if it’s allowed to spread, family members will experience an increase in cold and allergy-like symptoms. Mold is a particularly difficult problem to resolve, and it can cost far more than simply patching a hole in the roof.


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Roof replacement is a major expense that no one wants to pay for with their hard-earned money. In reality, you should only have to do it once or twice in your life. A well-maintained asphalt roof can last up to 30 years and is easily replaced, but a neglected roof is a different story. When you put off roof repairs, they worsen and can deteriorate your roof to the point where you have to buy a new roof much sooner than you should. Furthermore, when it comes time to replace a roof, a neglected roof will be far more expensive. This is because neglected roofs frequently cause structural damage – trapped moisture can rot support beams and grow mold within your ceiling – and this damage must be repaired before a new roof can be installed on the house.

While roof repair isn’t always the most exciting home improvement project, it is crucial. A leaking roof can cause a slew of structural issues that will cost you a fortune in the long run. Get ahead of major repairs by contacting us at the first sign of a problem, you will save both your roof and your wallet.

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