What To Consider When Choosing A Roof Color

choosing Roof colors Thousand Oaks

A new roof’s color selection is not always a firm decision. There are numerous color options available when installing asphalt shingles, slate, or even metal, and for each shingle color, there are various shades of that hue. Either choose all of the exact same hues, or have every variation of that color. Who knew a roof could be so artistic? However, as roofs are designed to last for roughly 20 to 30 years, choose wisely.

Dark or Light?

There are more contrasts between dark and light roofs than just aesthetic ones. On a warm day, darker roof shingles will keep a house ten degrees warmer than pure white shingles. Dark or light roofs are both good choices, depending on how they contrast with your home and how warm you wish it to be.

In Contrast To Brick

You can always change the color of your roof, but you cannot change the color of your siding or shutters because brick is a permanent material. Sample shingles can be compared to brick from your house, and then the shingles can be compared to the remainder of the façade.

Contrasted With Paint

Perhaps you also have plans to paint your house a fresh color. You can also compare paint swatches to your samples of shingle at the hardware store. Before the Los Angeles roofing firms arrive to install your roof, you can always change the color of your shingles or your walls if you don’t like either one.

In Contrast To Complementary Color

Additionally, think about picking a roof color that goes well with your house’s siding. Some homeowners opt for shingles that are almost the same shade as their house. The end effect is a boring house that looks ugly. Stay as far away from color matching as you can.

Compared To A House With Several Colors

It is advised to select a shingle color that is subdued, like black or gray, if the exterior of your home is already quite vibrant, whether it be with paint, brick, stone, or a combination of the three. Unnecessarily busy colors and patterns will create a ton of clutter. On the other side, a strong hue can significantly increase curb appeal if your home has a monotone appearance.

Compare Shingles Under Every Kind Of Light

Look at the sample in both direct sunlight and shade when using shingle samples to complement the exterior colors of your home. Put it somewhere shaded outside to accomplish this, then return later in the day to view it in the sun. Make sure that every hue used for the exterior of the property looks fantastic in any setting.

Value At Resale

Although having a stylish, showy roof could be in your best interests, it might not be for everyone. Consider a safer roof color if you intend to sell your house in the future so that it will appeal to a wider range of buyers. Sometimes visitors to the house fall in love with it, but they decide against buying it because of the roof. It makes sense to choose a roof in a safe color that still complements the house because the new owner won’t want to spend money on a new roof as soon as they purchase the property.